Affordable GPU Compute

vGPUs lower costs by allowing multiple apps to share the same hardware.

Supports your favorite frameworks:

Supports PyTorch
Supports TensorFlow
Supports Jax


Saving over using whole GPU


Affordable GPU pricing

< 5s

Fast instance start time

About the plaform

Affordable model training
Train Machine Learning Models

Easily train your machine learning models

Start training in seconds. Easily scale to run your workflow in parallel.


To run all your hyperparameter tuning in parallel


Saving, on comparable instances vs. other providers
Create your own docker images and deploy
Deploy Models

Easily Deploy Machine Learning Models

We make it easy to deploy your GPU power applications. You can choose from our selection of images or deploy your own docker image.

Supports docker images
Images ready to go with ML tools already installed
Supports docker images
Deploy docker images in seconds

Our Roadmap

Phase 01


Quality is important to us. We took our time planning our virtualization system to be secure and efficient.

  • Plan out the project
  • Create prototype
Phase 02


Started implementing production vGPU software. Launched website and opened waitlist.

  • Start implementing production codebase
  • Release website and logo
  • Grow community
Phase 03

Private Alpha

Members of the waitlist will be invited to try the service.

  • Release alpha to select community members
  • Gather feedback to make the service better
  • Ensure the service is stable and secure
Phase 04

Public Beta

Beta will be open to the public allowing anyone to test out the service.

  • Release beta to the public
  • Implement requested features
  • Ensure the service is production ready
Phase 05

Production Release

Release production ready version of the service.

  • Release production ready service
  • Continue to improve the service


Machine Learning Background

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